Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Birds 21-23: Pinback Buttons

Here's a set of three more poems inspired by Becky's Pinback Buttons.
Thanks, Becky, for inspiration well beyond buttons.

Bat Babies

Bat mommies know
that howling haloed

babies will too soon
unfurl translucent

wings against
the mottled moon

and glide into
a patient night

that waits to take
them whole.

Bat babies only know
they need to go.

Scribble Girls

Miserable in their paper-doll
skins, the scribble girls release
their spring-wound souls, unwrap
the ragged trappings of their tethered
frames, bite down through bitter
strokes that slash and bind.

Everything they’ve long withheld
unravels in a steady hum, until it all
goes loose, goes numb, gapes wide,
until it’s done, until there’s nothing
more to hide. No longer dumb.

Beast Burdens

Kiwi cannot fly.
Platypus is shy.
Dodo wants to die.
Oh, wait, it did.


Robin said...

I like all three of these. I'm always impressed by your writing. I would think you're hiding the crummy work, but I've still got that folder of dot matrix printed poems you gave me years ago. You really need to keep doing this. Push yourself and just keep going.

Bat Babies is a quiet kindergarten poem (to me). There is a lot lurking beneath the surface here. I like the translucent wings-- that captures the fragility. And the patient night that waits to take them whole-- is it menacing? or kind? could go either way, and will, the bat mommy knows. Nice ending, too.

From the picture, I wanted the scribble girls to be free spirited and loose flowing, but I get the poem separately. especially, "everything they've long withheld/ unravels in a steady hum..." That line speaks to a lot of women, I'm sure.

Beast Burdens is cute and painful at the same time. Kind of what happens when the cheerleader gets depressed. You are a little shocked, but glad to see real, you understand and wish again you could put your arm around her.

Forgive me for free associating with your poems. I hope I said something that makes sense.

poet with a day job said...

the kiwi is definitely my favorite!