Monday, September 10, 2007

Birds Howevermanybehind...

Can only say life has been allowed to get in the way of the writing (woefully predictable, I know, but life is like that)... however, a small flock inspired by Becky's pinback buttons is coming soon. Honest. I think.

9/11/07 UPDATE:
Ha! Sport the first...

XX. The Janes

Each Jane wants a new name:
a lush name, brightly fragrant,

brash syllables that shimmy,
sporting cadence and strength.

A name that tumbles headlong,
makes a mark, dares to spark.

Every Jane, on the inside, is alight.

Image of "The Janes," from Sweetie Pie Press (by Becky Johnson)


poet with a day job said...

My favorite stanza is the third: a names that tumbles headlong (i.e.: Jill) then I love makes a mark, dares to spark. Great rhyme, then tied nicely with Every alight.

What's most intriguing to me about it is that Jill is not much more memorable than Jane, adn with Jill always comes Jack, which I believe this Jane might wish to be liberated from.

welcome back to writingland?

Robin said...

so glad to see you! I'm going to start using the word "howevermanybehind." I've got a lot of uses for it.
and as for the Jane poem. . . I'm impressed that you come from a dead stop and are able to make something that fills a mouth so satisfyingly. You must be a natural. Don't stop.